Mapdawg's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Page - Links to maps, spatial data, and many other items related to geography or GIS

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The Mapdawg pages:

Mapdawg home
GIS and Geographic Data- focus is on links that take you directly to available (and hopefully free to immediately download) spatial data, ready to use in your GIS package; worldwide in scope.
GIS Organizations- links to selected organizations involved in the production, use, and development of GIS and related geographic tools and spatial data
GIS Software- Primarily vendors
Geography and GIS Resources on the internet- sites with general info on the field
The Mapdawg Old Map page steps back in time away from the GIS high tech world
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Other stuff:

Search the web using Alta Vista
Might not mean much to most of you, but it does to some of us- the official Dead page. Also a couple of other great pages: gdlive for downloads; the Dead time capsule for discography and other trivia; and GD Radio for some downloads, plus lots of lyrics
So this one doesn't have much to do with maps either, sorry. But if you're interested in the Mets page, and you're into statistics as many GIS types are, you'll also enjoy the treasure trove of useless numbers at the site.
 Cyberspace Station Mario's Cyberspace Station, a wonderful and unique news site, courtesy of my friend, Mario Profaca. Check his references to see what others (including myself) have said about the site.

The following world-reknowned, high class websites now include links to the Mapdawg page- Please support them!

AzTechSoft provides software for AutoCAD layer translation and inputting GPS points; their resource page has a good collection of general GIS links
Cameron Bouchard, in Ottawa, links directly into my data page from his 'Free Data Resources' page; Lots of other good Canadian resources as well. Thanks, Cameron!
The DMOZ Open Directory Project
GeoPlan at the University of Florida's School of Architecture has a good GIS web links page has us on an extensive GIS resources page
Google Web Directory GIS listing
HotBot's GIS listing
MacLaunch's GIS listing from Canada has a GIS listing
Netscape's Open Directory Project GIS listing
Oingo's open directory page for GIS
Phone-Soft GIS listing
Portal Surfer is a Swiss site that includes us in their GIS listing (stands for registered Professional Land Surveyors) and POB (stands for Point of Beginning) magazine (surveyors seem to like initials) has us on their GIS links page
The Slider open directory listing,, a Turkish open directory service (primarily in English language)
I'm honored that an esteemed organization like URISA puts me on their short list of resources, but I don't understand why they associate me with US Joint Forces Command

Still a few more things: